Living with Infertility

Wanting, hoping waiting,
Loving, longing, knowing,
Feeling the loss before I could lose you.
Never seeing, touching or smelling.
Dreaming, aching, crying.
Losing the hope and joy,
Of Motherhood.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a headache...

I have been getting these horrible headaches with this pregnancy...does anyone have any advice for me on how to treat them? I know you can't take anything but Tylenol...which doesn't work. Let me know if there are any safe tricks out there to help :)




  1. You can ask your doctor to prescribe something called fenargen...I'm not sure if that's how it is spelled. I got bad migraines as well and this helped a ton :)

  2. Hmm, I took phenergan when I had kidney stones so my pain pills wouldn't make me sick. It made me super sleepy, maybe it's different from what Cynthia said. Anyway, I was going to suggest the chiropractor-worked wonders for my headaches while I was pregnant. I have a fabulous one to reccomend if you are interested.

  3. I would probably try acupressure or acupuncture (your already used to the needles anyway, right? Not!) I saw an acupressurist for pain in my tail bone and in one treatment I felt amazing results!! My Mom has used acupuncture after trying all the other things you can imagine and it was the thing that finally did the trick! A good massage therapist might be just the trick! I actually had such a good massage one time that my father in law (the chiropractor), while in for a visit, told me I didn't need to be adjusted at all. Everything was in just the right place. He said the massage must have done the trick. Good luck! You will continure to be in my thought and prayers. Love ya!

  4. I used to put a heating pad on my head!

  5. Thanks everyone...I would like that number Arianne :)

  6. I think a massage and relax your mind can calm your body, a great way to ease your headache...

  7. I got horrible hormone headaches and the only way I could get rid of them was to drink 1/2 can of coke. I hate coke! but it was the only thing that would help. Good luck!

  8. I don't know if you can take this during the first trimester, but during my 2nd trimester I had horrible headaches; they were almost as painful as migraines. My doc said I could take this certain Excedrin that was Asprin free. It worked wonders!