Living with Infertility

Wanting, hoping waiting,
Loving, longing, knowing,
Feeling the loss before I could lose you.
Never seeing, touching or smelling.
Dreaming, aching, crying.
Losing the hope and joy,
Of Motherhood.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Belly time

So, as my pregnancy has continued to progress, I am once again amazed at how a woman's body is able to grow a human being. It is amazing that our internal organs are able to get squeezed and moved and logged into areas that I know are not natural (at least they don't feel natural). Yet, our little babies are able to snuggle themselves right into our middle area and live for a full 9 months! It is truly a miracle and I feel so blessed that I have been able to experience this transformation at least one more time in this life. As uncomfortable as I am getting...there is nothing more amazing than feeling my baby girl move and grow inside of me. I love her so much already and in only 9 short weeks, I will have her in my arms! Hooray! I am now 30 weeks pregnant! And this is what 30 weeks looks like...

I do plan on doing some "real" maternity pics...It is just a little tricky when I am doing them myself. So more to come! As I grow and grow and grow....


  1. you look alot like some peoples 20 week pregnancy pictures!

  2. Thanks Heidi...that is one of the advantages of being tall :)

  3. WOW!! You look great!! LOVE belly pics!!

  4. I was just thinking that you have to be due soon... and you are! Your little princess will be here so soon - yay! If you need help with the maternity photos I'd love to come out for a visit - I can imagine it might be hard doing a self-timer while preggo. Anyway, super excited for you and your family!