Living with Infertility

Wanting, hoping waiting,
Loving, longing, knowing,
Feeling the loss before I could lose you.
Never seeing, touching or smelling.
Dreaming, aching, crying.
Losing the hope and joy,
Of Motherhood.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Questions and my first shot...

Thank you to all of those who have already commented and had questions, it makes me feel great to know that we have so many people who are there for us and supporting us. I am also glad that I could already answer some questions for those who are also in our same situation.

Just to answer some of the more general questions: We are going through the U of U this time. We know three separate couples who have gone through them and all three got pregnant, so we are hoping to have the same result the first time. :) Another question is how long does the process take? This all depends on the couple. I would say the normal time frame is 2 to 4 months for it all to happen. Also, there are grants out there along with some insurance plans that cover it. So if you have a choice for insurance look at those options.

As for our process, I had my sonohystogram yesterday and everything looks great, so we get to start our first set of shots tomorrow. The first set of shots are called Lupron shots. It is a little needle that goes into your stomach area once a day. The Lupron actually will stop my reproductive system (put me into menopause...yes I will get hot flashes and everything) , that way the doctors can take complete control of when things happen so they can plan everything out to almost the minute for the transfer. The Lupron shot isn't bad, it stings just a little, but what I can remember from last time it makes me a little moody :) So if I am a little more testy than normal, don't take it personally :)

Anyway, that is all for today. I kind of want to write a little history of our experience with infertility, but I think I will save that for later. Let me know if you have any more questions.

With love,



  1. Oh wow! I'm remembering our cycle like it was yesterday. Good luck! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Oh good luck to you guys.. the U worked out awesome for us so I hope you have the same results.