Living with Infertility

Wanting, hoping waiting,
Loving, longing, knowing,
Feeling the loss before I could lose you.
Never seeing, touching or smelling.
Dreaming, aching, crying.
Losing the hope and joy,
Of Motherhood.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I forgot...

Yesterday went great. Everything looks wonderful and we are still set to go this next month :) After the ultra-sound we went in and talked to the nurse about the next couple of weeks. These next two weeks are very important as it is the prep time for the actual egg retrieval and the embryo transfer. I knew that we would be talking about the next shot that I would have to start taking as it is a little more involved than the Lupron. I talked about it yesterday, the Repronex.

However, I forgot, this is not the only other shot I have to take...there is another shot as well. These shots together are the FSH shots. It is like a shot cocktail ;) or ;(

I forgot about the "other" shot. Not that it is that bad, at least I don't remember it being bad...but I don't remember it at all, so....

Starting Monday, I will be taking 3 separate shots for 10 to 12 days. After 8 days of this I will go in for another ultra-sound and they will be able to then know when the exact date for my retrieval will be and that is when everything REALLY starts.

So here is not looking forward to Monday, did I mention, I don't like shots? Yeah, so this will be interesting...I figure I did it once...I guess I can do it again right :/

lots of love


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